Friday, December 21, 2007

I was asked to do a commission piece of Batman the other day as a Christmas present. It was one of the more fun commissions I've had to do. So, here are a few of the pieces I turned out. I've been meaning to do a series of classic super heroes for a while now, so I suppose this will get me started. I think I'll do the Hulk next.......

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stylus Magazine

If you live in Winnipeg, be sure to pick up this months copy of Stylus Magazine. I did the cover for the Dec/Jan issue.
Here's the cover I did a few years ago.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Making Babies
So, last week I spent most of my time at the Furni workshop making baby monster lamps for the big Souk@SAT sale that passed last weekend.

I think I cut out something like 60 or so monsters.

The template.

Mary was there too but she didn't help at all. ..... Hmmm... I think I'll put her to sleep.

The finished lamps.
$50. each

For those of you looking for something to do this Thursday, you can check out the "100 - Trexis For The Library" benefit at Camion de Pompier. I did a piece for it and it will be up for grabs there starting at 6pm December 20th.
See you there!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Coudal Partners: Swap Meat

Yes, I've been swapped! I sent in a piece to Coudal a while back and yesterday I got a package in the mail containing a bunch of 7" records from Chicago's Hi-Ball Records Catalogue.
How does it work? Well basically, you send in something that you've been producing and selling yourself. If they like it, a few things can happen: 1. nothing. If you send something mass produced, etc it will probably go unnoticed. 2. You'll get swapped. So, they will send you something cool that another swapper has sent in. 3. You'll get swapped and featured on the site. 4. You'll get swapped, featured and commissioned to produce the item to be sold on the Coudal site. COOL! Check out : for more info. I traded this.....

For this! Awesome! I spent all last night listening to the 9 records I got. And they are all pretty rad.
So, here are some pieces I did for the 2nd annual "It's Probably Worth More Than That" show here at HQ. I went back to the glossed tile thing. If you want one, they're $50. each