Tuesday, June 09, 2009

This Thursday, June 11th at Norml Gallery in Ottawa, "Birds Of Ottawa" opens. If your in town, please stop by and say hello and check out The Birdwatchers Of North America's collection of collaborative drawings.

See you there!
June 11, 2009
184 Rideau Street
Ottawa, ON

Friday, June 05, 2009

For those of you in Montreal this weekend, come check out HQ's 3rd anniversary blowout! A massive group exhibit featuring over 25 local and international artists.

Stella Im Hultberg
Tim Barnard
Rupert Bottenberg
Kristen N. Brown
Aya Kakeda
Jen Storey
James Kerr
Elaine Ho
Fred Casia
Laura Berger
Suzanne Sattler
Aaron McConomy
Benjamin Deshaies
Olivia Jeffries
Jennifer Hamilton
Mati McDonough
Tyson Bodnarchuk
Mimi Traillette
Scott Ferry
Fred Noel
Genevieve Jodouin
Sarah Guindon
And a whole heck of a lot more….

See you there!

To see more pics from the show you can go here:


or here:


Headquarters Galerie & Boutique
1649 Amherst
Montreal, QC

SOL[e]D Out

Worn Fashion Journal's 8th issue release party is this Saturday at the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto. This issue is shoe themed so, to celebrate the event properly, they invited some artists and designers to customize a pair of Keds to be exhibited at the museum. Some of the artists include:

Norwegian Wood
Tyson Bodnarchuk (me)
Team Macho
Hollie Dzama
Complex Geometries
Damzels In This DRess
Mariana Dempster
and a whack-load more.

If you live in TO, come check out the show Saturday, June 6th at the Bata Shoe Museum.