Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Yeah, this is all I fucking do. More watercolors. I get obsessed with painting or drawing certain things every once in a while. So, sue me!


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Yeah, this is all I do with my free time. More watercolors. More coffee. Less sleep. I'm trying to paint, like 300 or so for an upcoming show in November. ........ hey, it's possible.
For some reason, I was addicted to drawing and painting these furry creatures with shitty wagon wheels on them. I dunno. I was going through something, but I'm not sure what. I think some of these are still available at the Yves Laroche Gallery.

I've been asked what paintings I have available right now. Well, here are a few I happened to have pictures of, so I figured I'd post em'.

"Errol Enjoys Your Ice Cream" 11"x15" acrylic & resin on panel $150.00

"I'll Be Damned" series #'s 4, 5, 6 & 7. 8x8"acrylic & resin on Canvas $230.00 each

"A Good Game of Frisbee About to Go Bad" 11x15" Acrylic on panel $150.00

"Astounding Space Mission" 11x15" Acrylic on panel $150.00

Thats all the pics I have right now. There is way more to come. I've still got a crapload of the 5"x7" "Tiles" but that would take me a month to post. I'll work on it. Just give me time! Stop yelling at me!!!


There were ten of these paintings in the "I'll Be Damned" series but half of the images were lost in "The Great Pepperspray Caper". So, here's two I have on file...sigh.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

So, I've using coffee and watercolor like it's going out of style, lately. It's pretty fun cuz I've never really messed around with watercolor before. Angie suggested I try different teas. She's smarter than me.

I've also stumbled upon the greatest trail mix ever made. My pal Kevin brought some over to our house for a potluck we were hosting. It had everything, man, peanuts, smoked almonds, cashews, M&M's, etc. Well, I took the leftovers and mixed it with a trailmix I had made at the gallery (soy beans, dried bananas, sea salt and plain almonds) and MAN!!! Super trail mix. My friend Neil was addicted to Kev's original recipe but I think this will make him drop a load in his pants.

I hope you enjoy the illustrations.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

So, I've been meaning to put together a website, for like, ever but due to my lack of funds, time or just sheer laziness, it never seemed to happen. I wanted to get some stuff up sooner than later, so this blog thing (which is a passing fad, believe me. you'll forget what a blog is in a month or two) will be the closest thing I'm going to get.... for now. Another source of motivation to get some stuff online is because a couple of months ago, I was minding my own business at Headquarters Galerie & Boutique, when two Fuck Faces come in, pepper-spray me TWICE in the fucking face and run off with my computer. This was in the middle of the afternoon on a Thursday. Incredible, right? And the cop who was handling my case, was a real genius, he asks me "Did they leave behind any DNA?" DNA!? How the fuck should I know?! I didnt run a swab and take it down to my personal Crime Lab!! Anyway, I'm getting off topic. The computer that was stolen had about three years worth of paintings and drawings in my files (no back ups, naturaly) and most of those pieces are long gone. So I have no records of a good chunk of work. Luckily, my brother, Tavis, had a disc full of images, so I was able to get some of my shit back. So, this blog thingy will kinda be an online backup for me as well. I'll be posting some older work and new ones as I pump them out. enjoy.

love, t.