Sunday, August 27, 2006

So, I've using coffee and watercolor like it's going out of style, lately. It's pretty fun cuz I've never really messed around with watercolor before. Angie suggested I try different teas. She's smarter than me.

I've also stumbled upon the greatest trail mix ever made. My pal Kevin brought some over to our house for a potluck we were hosting. It had everything, man, peanuts, smoked almonds, cashews, M&M's, etc. Well, I took the leftovers and mixed it with a trailmix I had made at the gallery (soy beans, dried bananas, sea salt and plain almonds) and MAN!!! Super trail mix. My friend Neil was addicted to Kev's original recipe but I think this will make him drop a load in his pants.

I hope you enjoy the illustrations.


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