Thursday, March 13, 2008

The "Electric Hurricane" colab project had a group of us passing around large panels, each taking turns painting our own small parts of what turned out to be a larger collaborative work. The show opens tonight at General 54 starting at 7 pm. There will be music, drinks and art.. duh.

The Show at General 54 will also serve as the official launch of the new YPF yearbook. It is a 150 edition publication, featuring the unique contributions including silkscreen prints, hand drawings, wood cuts, photographs and lovely tidbits. Each book contains original work from each of the individual artists of the YPF. Contributing YPF artists include James Braithwate, Emily Birnbaum, Dessa Harhay, Aaron McConomy, Jen Storey, James Kerr, Amy Wong, Krissy Longtin, Neil Doshi, Milena Rogilic, Adam Gorley, and Danijela Pruginic. This year we have invited super-special guest artists Tyson Bodnarchuk, Fred Casia, Amber Albrecht and Shawn Keruneru to participate.

On Friday night be sure to head down to Off The Hook (1021 St. Catherines) for the "Montreal Munny Robot Invasion" show.

Hope to see you all out in the next couple of days!

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