Monday, February 15, 2010

For those of you who are interested in donating to relief efforts for Haiti, you can do so, pick up some artwork and hear some great music at the same time. This Saturday at the Green Room (5386, St. Laurent Blvd) all are welcome for an evening of magic at the Penny Drive. I know there are a lot of organizations collecting for this and you may feel a bit bombarded but this will be a fun event to check out and you will still be getting some awesome entertainment for your buck!

Please bring your Money et votre Monnaie (and your change) - all coins (jars, rolls, pocketfulls) will be accepted at the "Penny Drive". In addition to the penny drive, and the silent auction with musical accompaniment, the event will feature a traditional auction with auctioneer MC Realerman.

The art to be auctioned at the Green Room this Saturday (which is expected to be cheap, affordable, and pricey) will have been donated by: Neil Farber (Member of the, now defunct, Royal Art Lodge); Omen (a prominent graffiti artist); Tyson Bodnarchuk, Allison Moore; Jesse Purcell; Sheila Caplan; Brazen Design's; Suf Creations; and more, and more (it's not too late to donate).

Musical accompaniment (which is expected to be lovely) will be provided by The Papercrows; James Irwin; and Bradley Thomas Moore.

All gross proceeds of the event will be donated to MSF (Doctors Without Borders) on Monday, February 22nd. The Penny Drive organizers have been very fortunate to have all the organizational work volunteered; while the space, art, music, and flyer's have all been donated.

Below are the pieces I've donated. They are part of a littler series of "Miners" that I've been doing. Each piece is 3" x 4.5" watercolour, ink, coffee & charcoal drawings on heavy paper. Please give them a nice home!

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