Monday, September 25, 2006


Yes, Flin Flon played here last night and most of Montreal didn't show up. You guys missed out big time. Personaly, I'm kind of happy there wasn't many people there because it was nice and intimate .... and sexy. Uh, wait, forget that last part. But it would have been nice for the band if more people showed up and helped them out. If you feel bad about it (and you should), then buy one of thier records ( There's more info about last nights show at:

here's a couple drawings:

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Chris Mostyn said...

hi, I found your blog on the monsterbrains blog. I really like your drawings. I would like to link to you from mine as well if you don't mind. Mine is
What do you do with your comics? Also check out the site. I am a member of the collective there. It might be good to see your drawings on there. take care. let me know on my blog if you want to trade links. peace